Friday, August 3, 2012

Get Ready for the Wedding.!

You've decided to get married, and now it's time to plan the wedding. Planning ahead and properly preparing for your wedding day can save both money and time as well as preventing misunderstandings. Whether you just got engaged or about to attend your bridal shower, it is never too late to plan. Will you be planning for this
In the wedding there is so many aspects that needs to be cover and you have to pay attention in every one of them to have a successful event. In this article we will cover: all you need to know for Wedding suppliesA timeline and budget are important components of any plan. So at the time you start preparing the wedding you need a budget, to see what far you can go, but don’t worry you can also have an organized an a well prepared wedding without spending lots of money, the trick is buying form wholesalers, putting ideas together and having time to put all together, 

For Wedding supplies we will take into consideration a few aspects that are more relevant than others in the planning of your wedding although you cannot leave any detail unattended.

*Aisle Runner A simple way to add elegance to a wedding ceremony, place a runner down the aisle and lead the bride-to-be to the altar. The beautiful white lace pattern will match perfectly with any theme. It is simple to use and the enclosed adhesive strips will ensure safety and placement. This can be used indoors or outdoors. You can chose from lace to poly material.

*Glass Candle Holders hanging glass tea-light (candle) holders are a simple and elegant decor item for use in a variety of ways. You can also use them to hold small flower arrangements. Whether you're looking to (carefully) light up trees and bushes or accent your event with adorable hanging floral arrangements, It can be hung from Manzanita tree branches, metal trees, crystal trees, wire, ribbon and more. Adds an elegant touch to any wedding or special event.

*Diamond Wrap Ribbon  This looks like a ribbon encrusted with diamonds or rhinestones. Although there are no real diamonds, crystals or rhinestones, this mesh ribbon has the look of sparkling stones at an affordable price.

It is bendable, pliable and can be used in a multitude of ways to add the bling bling things to your wedding.

*Favor Boxes and bags, When it comes to a special occasion, no detail is too small to be overlooked, there is hundreds of different styles of favor boxes, taking advantage of this you can create an unique look, Remember that this will be the favor that your guest will take home.

*Flower Girl Baskets Weddings are such an important rite of passage. Normally it is covered with satin and beautifully decorated. If you are having limited financial resources bother not. As there are numerous discount flower girl baskets to make your day. Then you can also take into account certain alternatives to flower girl baskets as well to stand out of the crowd.

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Get Ready for  the Wedding..!
by: David A Sanchez

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DIY Gingham Baby Shower Favor Box

This super cute favor box is ideal for a girl baby shower. Follow our direction, you will find it is so easy to make a unique favor. You can get all the materials from, and it cost less than one dollar!


Gingham Butter Mints

0.5" White Mini Pastel Paper Rose 

Hot Melt Glue Gun with Glue Sticks

1.     Lay out all the materials you will need for this project.

2.     Open one of the Clear Plastic Baby Cubes.  It should open from the top.
3.     Place about 4 to 5 pieces of Gingham Butter Mints inside the box.

4.    Close the box by pressing it firmly into place.
5.    Grab the 1/4" Gingham Pull Bow Ribbon.  Measure approximately 1 yard (3 Feet).  There is a white string in the middle of the bow.  Firmly grasp the string and pull the rest of the bow to start creating the loops as seen on the bow.  It should produce about 14 loops.  You should now have a beautiful bow.  Cut the bow from the ribbon and tie off the  two white string (one from each end) to hold the bow in place.

6.     Now cut approximately 16” inches of ribbon to tie around the plastic box.  Place the string underneath the box leaving one end approximately 4” longer than the top of the box.  Then loop the string about to get the ribbon started along the other sides of the box.
7.     Grab the longer part of the ribbon (not the 4” slack of ribbon) and loop it around the other sides of the box.
8.     Loop the ribbon around the top of the box and tie it off.

9.     Now with the glue gun.  Squeezed a small dab of glue to the bottom of the Gingham Bow Ribbon you created earlier.  Place it on top of the box in the middle of ribbon where you tied off the box.  Press surfaces together within 15 seconds. CAUTION: Hot melt glue gets hot!

10.  Grab the package of 0.5” mini Pastel Paper Rose and cut off one of the flower (but be sure to leave about ¼” inch of stem).  Fold the stem back against the flower to make it flush with the flower.  Again grab the glue gun and place a small dab of glue on the back of the flower.  Place the flower in the middle of the Gingham Bow Ribbon and press surfaces together within 15 seconds and wait for the glue to dry.   CAUTION: Hot melt glue gets hot!

Congratulations and best of luck to you and your new born.